Rhye – The Fall

Enjoying this new single from Los Angeles based, Rhye.


The Hobbit Trailer

I like the work of the guy playing Bilbo Baggins, Martin Freeman.  He is in the British version of The Office and also, Dr. Watson in Sherlock.

The Dark Knight Rises

I do not know how this movie is so popular on IMDB and rotten tomatoes.  I thought it was terrible, by far Christopher Nolan’s worst picture to date.  The movie started off well; the terrorists commandeering the plane was a ridiculous scene.  However, the movie from this point forward seemed to drag.  Anne Hathaway as Catwoman was the only saving grace of the film, and I usually dislike her.  I really enjoyed the first two parts of the Batman trilogy, but TDKR was not a cohesive ending.  I rate this a 5/10.

Saw Ted last night.  It is very funny.  Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis play off each other very well.  Giovanni Ribisi plays a convincing creep.  Also, Joel McHale’s character is reminiscent of Craig Kilborn in Old School.  The film is full of zany one liners; I have not laughed that much from a movie in ages.  Highly recommended.

Saw Prometheus tonight.  The movie was going well for around 45 minutes and then took a sharp right turn to wacky world.  I did not like Charlize Theron’s role, she was not a very strong character, but needed to be.  Guy Peace played a solid robot, by the way, where has he been? His last role was for around thirty seconds in The Hurt Locker, until he was blown up.  I am happy the Stringer Bell was in the movie, gotta love Stringer.  Not even close to Ridley Scott’s best, but my favorite since Blackhawk Down.