New Wachowski Brothers, Cloud Atlas

Hopefully this is a better direction than their last attempt, man, was Speed Racer awful.


Do yourself a favor and watch this trailer in full screen mode.  New movie from the cinematographer of Koyaanisqatsi.

Finally playing soccer again, thanks Alexa.  However, I forgot how difficult it is to get into acceptable cardiovascular shape in order to play a full soccer game.  It is interesting because I have been lifting weights and jogging regularly since December.  By doing my regiment I have successfully gained 15 pounds of muscle.  This regiment has not helped much in sprinting up and down a soccer pitch.  Now, my goal is to find another soccer league to play in so that I can be in ridiculously good shape.

The Dark Knight Rises

I do not know how this movie is so popular on IMDB and rotten tomatoes.  I thought it was terrible, by far Christopher Nolan’s worst picture to date.  The movie started off well; the terrorists commandeering the plane was a ridiculous scene.  However, the movie from this point forward seemed to drag.  Anne Hathaway as Catwoman was the only saving grace of the film, and I usually dislike her.  I really enjoyed the first two parts of the Batman trilogy, but TDKR was not a cohesive ending.  I rate this a 5/10.