Rochester Jazz Fest


Funk music dance-a-thon, yes, please.


5 Gallons of Bavarian Hefeweizen


This is my first attempt at brewing beer.  I was extremely careful about the sanitation stuff in order to not contaminate my batch.  I am curious as to how cooling the wort after the boil effects the batch.  It takes around an hour to cool wort in an ice bath to an acceptable temperature to add yeast… so I am thinking about investing in a wort chiller for my next recipe.  It is going to be interesting to see how the yeast interacts with the hops and barely.  Looking forward to tasting it.

Saw Prometheus tonight.  The movie was going well for around 45 minutes and then took a sharp right turn to wacky world.  I did not like Charlize Theron’s role, she was not a very strong character, but needed to be.  Guy Peace played a solid robot, by the way, where has he been? His last role was for around thirty seconds in The Hurt Locker, until he was blown up.  I am happy the Stringer Bell was in the movie, gotta love Stringer.  Not even close to Ridley Scott’s best, but my favorite since Blackhawk Down.

Potato Gnocchi


Ok, so these came are really well thanks to my new potato ricer.  I sort of combined to gnocchi recipes, here and here.  I baked the potatoes instead of boiling them.  Also, 5 pounds of potatoes in too many for one sitting.  I have been experimenting with a new sauce which includes carrots, onion and red peppers finely chopped in a food processor and then somewhat caramelized in a pot before adding the tomatoes.

New Jim Gaffigan special is streaming on Netflix.  It is as good as his previous work.  Still talk a lot about food, and introduces his kids and some voice overs into the mix.  The man is one of my favorite stand up comedians of today.

China to build world’s tallest building in 90 days.  The building is all prefabricated and brought in from off-site.

Microsoft Surface looks kinda promising for the tablet market… and I thought Microsoft was irrelevant, remember the Zune?

Duolingo is an interesting concept and seems like a more intuitive way in order to learn a foreign language.  It has sounds and pictures in order to reinforce concepts in your head.  I just started the program for Spanish.