Cerrone – Hooked On You (Kon Remix): Gilles Peterson held his last show on BBC One.  I really like his diverse tastes in music and will miss his show.  This is my favorite song on the playlist and it is certainly a jam.



Don’t forget to look at the Moon, Jupiter and Venus tonight.

Suspended train art above The High Line is awesome

Just read Empires of the Sea by Roger Crowley.  The book is about sea battles in the Mediterranean in the 16th century.  Crowley writes in extremely clear and entertaining prose.  The book is simply great.  The politics and economics of the Mediterranean world in this time period kind of echoes the world today.  There is the European powers encompassed by the Venetians, Spanish and papal powers.  These powers were always struggling with each other and also the newly formed Protestant threat via Martin Luther.  The other side is a much more consolidated Ottoman Empire.  The book explains three major battles that took place in the Mediterranean: Rhodes, Malta and Cyprus. The main thing I thought about while reading this book is how shitty it was to be on a galley.  The galleys were manned by slaves who were shackled to benches.  It was basically a death sentence; you were going to die of scurvy, typhoid or drown, all while laboriously rowing a galley to a beat of a drum.


Psychopathy Checklist

  • Glibness and superficial charm
    Lack of empathy
    Consistent decisions in their self interest, even where it is ethically questionable
    Chronic, sometimes transparent lies, even with regard to minor things
    Lack of remorse
    Failure to take responsibility for their actions, and instead blaming others
    Shallow emotions
    Ignoring responsibilities
    Persistent focus on gratifying their own needs at the expense of others
    Conning and manipulative behavior